pics by Gianluca Camporesi (the third one is by Margherita Masè)


choreography and dance Paola Bianchi
music Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo
light design Paolo Pollo Rodighiero
tutor Roberta Nicolai
outside perspective Ivan Fantini
thanks to Stefano Murgia
realised with the support of ResiDance XL – places and residence projects for choreographic creations, action of the Anticorpi XL Network - Network Giovane Danza D'autore, coordinated by L'arboreto - Teatro Dimora in Mondaino
creative residencies L’arboreto - Teatro Dimora in Mondaino | La Corte Ospitale ::: Centro di Residenza della Regione Emilia-Romagna
production PinDoc
coproduction Teatri di Vetro, Teatro Akropolis
with the contribution of MiC and Regione Sicilia

O_N is rooted in the images deposited in the eyes and bodies of some people with a migration background now living in Italy, met by Paola Bianchi at the beginning of 2020 - women and men, girls and boys from Africa, Asia, South America, Eastern Europe, Arab countries. Images that have crossed seas and lands, overcoming borders, places and nations, fixed in the memory of wandering human beings. The investigation focused on the edges of those images and the process of embodiment saw the forms arise from the body states generated by those bodies at the margins. An unequivocal operation of emotion. An empathic emotion that bends the flesh, that opens the door to contradiction, to rejection through assumption, that forces you to push into the form forgetting the form. Those unknown bodies then become pure images, they lose their status as icons, they become transparent in their obscenity. Light bodies under the weight of the density of their state and their history, a history exposed through permanent traces in the flesh. A process in which power and impotence coexist in the same instant, in which the body becomes a generator of space in a continuous alternation between anatomical details. The body takes, holds, modifies, bends to forms, the body does not forget.