project and performance Alessandra Cristiani
photo setting and landscapes Elena Rosa
photography Daniele Vita
sound materials and voice Marcello Sambati
light design Gianni Staropoli
production PinDoc
in collaboration with Lios
with the support of Armunia Festival Costa degli Etruschi e Officina Dinamo. fucina creativa
with the contribution of La società dello spettacolo associazione di cultura, Centro di Residenza Foligno InContemporanea
with the support of MiC, Regione Siciliana

inspired by the books Esitazioni and Tenebre of the poet and actor Marcello Sambati

The body as a relic is abandoned in the nudity of a space. The only possible acts are towards ourselves, waiting and rediscovering the sacredness of a deep nature. It is a first perceptual exposition. A second one derives from it in which we are moved by internal fervor, sound animality, external voices. We are pushed to our limits, to recontact the epic nature of our own forces and the spiritual gravity of a further meaning. The restlessness of the work is measured in the desire and mystery of being able to perceive an unnoticeable body, an invisible poetic, something like a shadow that seems to be both dense and silent. The act of observing is the act of looking at oneself, of bringing oneself to the boundary of the senses and visions in order to recover their smells.