dance and coreography Alessandra Cristiani
stage action Sabrina Cristiani
music Iva Bittova, Claudio Moneta
light design Gianni Staropoli
production PinDoc
in collaboration with Lios
with the support of MiC, Regione Siciliana

Ofelia aiuta Ofelia

After the pre raphaelite painting “Ofelia” by J.E.Millais.
Opheleia is the plot of a vision.
The echo makes antique accord re emerge.
The image Ophelia is a mirror to reflect oneself in; it becomes a place of the flesh to inhabit, where humanity yields to silence, an inevitable abyss.
Opheleia is a weakness.
It’s a suspension of time, or rather an emotional bottle neck.
It is a robbed body hanging onto self- perception as the only sacred dominion.
Opheleia is the child of sacrifice.
It’s Opheliea who helps Ophelia.