dance and choreography Zoé Bernabéu e Lorenzo Covello
ligthing designer Paride Donatelli
music Stefano Grasso
production Muxarte / Pindoc
with contribution of Mibact e Regione Sicilia
supported by Piccolo Teatro Patafisico, Spazio Franco, Teatro Ditirammu

Finalist ACT Festival 2020
Finalist Intransito IV
Prize best Show Direction Under30 2019
Prize Press Roma Roma Fringe Festival 2019
Prize Fringe Spirit Roma Fringe Festival 2019
Prize Special OFF Roma Fringe Festival 2019
Prize Best Show Minimo Teatro Festival 2017
Prize Jury Under 25 Twain_DirezioniAltre 2017
Special Mention Presente e futuro 2017

Un po’ di più is a research on balance, an exploration that strives to go closer to the limits, just right before the breaking point. It is a risky game, where the smallest movement threatens the stability, the smallest word can destroy all of it. Balance between two minds, two bodies, between words and movements.
A quest through our fragilities, a vulnerable journey that pushes us towards our restrictions where, maybe, the heart can open and find new paths. Love as a bet, as a try, as an opportunity for physical and emotional metamorphosis. A little more and everything would collapse.