dance and choreography Zoé Bernabéu e Lorenzo Covello
ligthing designer Paride Donatelli
music Stefano Grasso
production Muxarte / Pindoc
with contribution of Mibac e Regione Sicilia
supported by Piccolo Teatro Patafisico, Spazio Franco, Teatro Ditirammu

Prize Press Roma Roma Fringe Festival 2019
Prize Fringe Spirit Roma Fringe Festival 2019
Prize Special OFF Roma Fringe Festival 2019
Prize Best Show Minimo Teatro Festival 2017
Prize Jury Under 25 Twain_DirezioniAltre 2017
Special Mention Presente e futuro 2017

A young woman walks, swaying onA young woman walks, swaying onscattered fragments of a chair. Defyinggravity, she invents her steps along theway, looks in vain for her stability thathas just been shattered by the encounterwith the other. A dance explodes in aconfined living space, inviting each ofus to relive the shock of the first glance.Next to her stands the other. He tries toresists to what, a few centimeters awayfrom him, is already starting to abolishall his points of reference. He sticks towhat he still masters, assembles thechair, gathers the lonely fragments. Butthe barrage doesn’t last for long. Alreadyit cracks. Its rupture announces the endof his solitary stability and the beginningof the search for a new common balance,precarious, vibrant, alive.And here they are, immersed in a journeyacross the discovery of the other andtheir own selves, through an everydaylife to which their bodies, gestures andwords give all its density.Words tell, implore, suggest and sometimescrumble on the way. They becomeflesh, transform into a dance that distortsthe ordinary and restores magic tosmall gestures. This braiding of detailsknits the substance of their relationship.Only an inch, just a bit more strengthand the balance would be broken.At the center of the stage, a table is balancedon a single axis. Its oscillationscreams their uncertainties, their fragilityand becomes their battlefield for aquest of vitality. A search that they conductwith the vehemence of the game,with the tenacity of the prayer.Fed by the fear of the fall and by theirambition to take flight, they guide theviewer on a journey that combines thelyricism of dreams, the brutality of habitsand the inevitability of the rupture.Inviting the audience into their intimacy,they tell about waiting, recognizingeach other, escaping and perhaps, findingeach other again.