Colori Proibiti

photos KPaolo Porto - Federica Capo


choreography Ricky Bonavita
music Antonio Vivaldi, Armand Amar
light design Danila Blasi
set design Theodor Rawyler
costumes Daniele Amenta, Yari Molinari
dancers Valerio De Vita, Enrica Felici, Ricky Bonavita

The reading of the novel "Forbidden colors" published in 1951 by the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima has inspired a reflection on love relationships between different generations. ln the space of a stylized closed room the choreographer explores the relationship between the three characters of different ages and life experience through the pathos of dance and the dynamism and the complicity of the bodies, returning uncertainties and fragility of a triangle with no solution.
The choreography embraces different moments of the story. The fluidity of the dance is opposed to the derangement and fractures, which entails any changes in the relationship between the characters. The triangular space of the set, highlights the limitations of this game and at the same time the suffering that implies.