photos Federica Capo


choreography and direction Ricky Bonavita
dance Valerio De Vita, Emiliano Perazzini, Ricky Bonavita
original music and sound design Francesco Ziello
repertoire music Rachmaninof, Chopin, Debussy
costumes Daniele Amenta e Yari Molinari
light design Danila Blasi
production Pindoc
with the contribution of Mibac e Regione Siciliana

Full video available online; to request the access password write to benedetta.bo@gmail.com

(…about men)

A free investigation of the male character, decontextualized from historical or narrative conditioning, observed through various aspects of his multiple identity, his soul, his relationships, his emotional experience. Different kinds of men by age and by thematic choice alternate and meet on the scene giving us suggestions of a nostalgic, conflicting, poetic, solitary atmospheres or and also strong and fragile, in an ancestral complicity of intent and emotions. The musical repertoire will alternate with images of various paintings, delineating the dramaturgy of the work, where the bodies will reveal themselves and will be discovered within an emotional mood in continuous evolution. Music will be a driving and seductive element that will lead them on an introspective journey of the unconscious, of the masculine intimacy, on a continuous discovery of different expressive and communicative possibilities, of inner worlds, of hidden fragilities.