photos Giovanni Bocchieri


choreography Ricky Bonavita
original music Michelangelo Lupone
light designer Danila Blasi
costumes Daniele Amenta, Yari Molinari
idance Valerio De Vita e Ricky Bonavita
production PinDoc 2014
in coproduction with il CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali
with contribution of MiC e Regione Siciliana

Full video available online; to request the access password write to benedetta.bo@gmail.com


"Affinità" is the subtitle given by the choreographer to a pas de deux for two men taken from his larger work "Power_game".

“It is enough that one declares himself free, and immediately he will feel the coercion. If you dare to
recognize the coercion, then you will feel free.” (Johann Wolfgang Goethe – Elective Affinities - Part 2,
Chapter 5).

We are living a time where the technological whirlwind is increasingly pressing and disruptive, nevertheless in human relations we continue to re-propose themes, games, dynamics and problems of all time; what's changing are the methods of access and connection, the way to approache and to relate. Starting from this assumption, the choreographer expresses through dance the attempts to relate by symbolic fights between the performers. Being close to or far from the other becomes a journey dominated by the logic of power games and "with and without you" dependency. Meanwhile to search for each other seems to be an attempt to fill the void given by its own inconstancy and fragility and resembles a laborious mediation between the fear of abandoning oneself and the desire for love. In Affinità the audience is faced with an emotional narrative track that progresses between ironic and at the same time dramatic situations.