photos Maria Cristina Valeri


by and with Fabio Ciccalè
music various artists
light design Danila Blasi
a production by PinDoc
with contribution of Mibac, Sicily Region
and the support of San Lo’, Roma

one colour for one dancer

“Indaco” is the final stage of a solo project started in 2006 with “Count Down” and carried on in 2009 with “Estatica Attitudine”.
Like during an alchemical process, which, through the three phases (nigredo/blackness-albedo/whiteness-rubedo/redness), transforms common substance into philosopher’s stone, “Indaco” wants to represent the moment of temporary awareness of one’s own coreographical language, an arrival point before a new start.
“Indaco” is a grotesque representation of interrupted situations, intense in their gestures and orphaned in their movements. A sequence of different possibilities created by the performer himself, through changes of music, light, and through the use of objects that create a whirlwind of images and suggestions syntactically free from any given reasoning but to be freely interpreted thanks to a thorough coreographic calligraphy. Irony, repetitions, contrasts and curiosity have the absolute leading role of the scene. The dance is lively and pure, extremely serious and fun at the same time; it is a way to interpret and let the possibilities of the human being be interpreted.
Duration: 40 minutes