Short stories between a devil and a soldier

photos Maria Cristina Valeri


concept and choreography Giovanna Velardi
with Giovanna Velardi and Giuseppe Muscarello
video scenography Valeria Guarcini
drawing and video “incantesimo” Mattia Pirandello
costumes Dora Argento
lightend costume Ketty Guercio
light design Danila Blasi
assistente alla coreografia Simona Miraglia
video technician Roberto Rejamand
music AA.VV.
a production PinDoc
with contribution of MiC, Sicily Region

We must not be afraid of emotions even if their deep and strong.
You cannot give up to humanity, love, common good, encounter, the other.
Richness, beauty, material things turn off the light that makes us vibrate throug emotions and leave space to darkness.
Effort and will are the keys to achieve the dreams that will come true

“I started with Stravinsky's Histoire du soldat to concentrate on a choreographic score that would maintain a narrative look and that would restore the salvific and positive value of dance as a common language. Compared to the original story, my choice was to concentrate the good and the bad into one single character, imagining the duality no longer as a clash between two characters, but as an inner struggle, as in a sort of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The meeting with the other will bring back memories. The antithetical figures that cross the scene move in a fairytale atmosphere that evokes the archetypes, their encounter produces a chain reaction that loosens the boundaries of the perennial conflict between the parts. ”
Giovanna Velardi