photos Matteo Abati


ideation and choreography Giovanna Velardi
light design Danila Blasi
cast Giuseppe Muscarello, Giovanna Velardi
production of PinDoc
with contribution of MiC e Regione Siciliana
support of CORE
a special thanks to Danila Blasi

The clown holds by itself "conflicting characteristics", sadness, joy, melancholy, divertissement. To bring out a dancing clown is the possibility to express this fantastic mixture.
Giovanna Velardi

The set design is almost absent, there is a chair in the middle of the scene and a puppet. 'This is the image that welcomes the viewer. A rebellious and insolent puppet who, through its nervous movements denounces a certain impatience to wires. It 'a conscious puppet, self-aware, pervaded by an incredible vitality, unable to stay trapped in a world of rules. It's a bold and grotesque puppet that suddenly through a tutu and a red nose, turns into a dancing clown. From then on we witness an explosion of feelings: joy, sadness, melancholy and euphoria. The puppet comes to life, It seeks the complicity of the audience and start acting with another clown that appeares on stage. The dynamic between the two is colored with poetry and tenderness and also the audience take part of the dance feeling part of a circus.