concept Giovanna Velardi
coreography Giovanna Velardi
with Giovanna Velardi e Federico Brugnone
costumes Dora Argento
coordination of the dramaturgic project Roberta Nicolai
direction consultancy Luciano Colavero
dramaturgic consultancy Andrea Milano, Matteo Finamore
organization Danila Blasi
communication Benedetta Boggio
production PinDoc
with the support of MiC e Regione Siciliana
with the collaboration of Triangolo Scaleno/Festival Teatri di Vetro, Rosa Shocking/Festival Tendance, Armunia/Festival Inequilibrio, Spazio Franco

Matteo Finamore and Andrea Milano have been selected for this project among the participants at “Esercizi di Regia 2019”.

thanks to La Vicaria, casa della compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale

A man and a woman. A fight. Is it the start or end of a crisis? Is it the turbulence of a beginning or are they stepping through the end of love?
We experience the encounter between a man and a woman, two celestial bodies - one into the orbit of the other - until they collide to generate the greatest explosion of light, an apocalypse. It’s the story of a change of state, of how an encounter can turn into a clash, of how ice can become water or can steam or become ice again. How to change the point of view? How to get a vis-à-vis without glasses?