photos Antonio Ficai


choreography, direction, dance Giuseppe Muscarello
production PinDoc/Muxarte
with the contribution of MiC e Regione Siciliana

“I did not know myself at all, I had no reality of my own for myself, I was in a state of continuous, almost fluid, malleable illusion; the others knew me, each in his own way, according to the reality they had given me; that is it, they saw in me a Moscarda that was not me, since I was not really anyone for me: as many Moscarda as they were." Luigi Pirandello – uno nessuno centomila ("One Nobody and One Hundred Thousand.”

A stereotypical man victim of all the constructions that society imposes him. A man looking for authenticity because he realizes that his life is absorbed by the case. The awareness that his body is animated by the forms that society requires, a mortified body that takes on different aspects because different are the points of view that animate it, decides to experience emptyness and tries to live without experiencing life. He then decides not to be. The show is loosely based on "One Nobody and One Hundred Thousand" by Luigi Pirandello. Genge is the character of a novel born in 1926 but that more than ever corresponds to the men of today. The dance could be the ideal tool for telling and transmitting with great skill the feelings of the protagonist. A body destabilized by a new reality that casually discovers and with "free acts". The show sees, on stage, at least in an initial phase of study, two men, one double the other who reflect each other up to multiply and then cancel out.