photos Francesco Falciola - Chiara Quartararo


concept, choreography and dance Sabrina Vicari and Federica Aloisio
music composed by Angelo Sicurella
light design Gabriele Gugliara
costumes Sabrina Vicari (Consuendi)
production PinDoc
with contribution of Mibac, Sicily Region

Strabismi 2017 prize
residence and contribution to production Teatro Actores Alidos
residence at La Mama Umbria International Spoleto
finalist project Intransito 2017

EOIKA [ἔοικα- from greek language- to be similar, to appear] is a dance and theatre performance based on the concept of optical illusionism. Inspired to the work of the german artist Sebastian Bieniek EOIKA looks to the Cubism aesthetics of Picasso, to the surrealism of Magritte, and in the end to "Art and Visual Perception” of Rudolf Arnheim.
Starting from them bodies with the help of pencils, make up and handmade costumes two dancers/performer play with the audience and bluff, showing the reality as something completely unreal.