From "I" To "A"


concept and dance Stefano Fardelli
This project is supported by Attakkalari Centre for Movements Arts of Bangalore, Italian Embassy of Mumbai, India.
In Europe the piece will be restaged with the production of PinDoc and the contribution of Mibac, Sicily Region

A residency in Bangalore, India. An encounter between the choreographer and an indian dancer. Italy and India are far away from each other, but, also, they have many things in common: like, for example, their names in italian: Italia and India. Both start with an “I” and both end with an “A”.
The space between the “I” and the “A” has been filled in not with the letters that are necessary to write Italia or India but with a mix of the two cultures, finding out new bridges to connect them. The two dancers who, in spite of their own different origins, skin colour and physical features are united by a dance that tyes together all their diversities. Exploring every day eleven movements by the martial art Kalaripayattu, Kathak dance and Bharatanatyam dance and transforming them, they created the sequences of the piece. The aim of the choreographer was to explore the indian traditional techniques and find out a new quality of movement in a way that dancers and people that are practicing these forms from years, watching the piece, can just guess from which movements he was inspired by and not always recognize them. A long turban, symbol of the mother earth, that will generate life, a mist that will follow the shape of the bodies in the space, and incenses with a cozy smell, will give birth to this new duet and to this new world that is located, indeed, between the “I” and the “A”.