by Stefano Fardelli
original music Francesco Ziello
produced by PinDoc 
with contribution of Mibac, Sicily Region

The first studio of Namu has been commissioned by Gdansk International Festival 2015 in Gdansk, Poland. The choreography has been danced by 10 dancers and 10 seniors with live music in an outdoor space.

The second studio has been commissioned by Santa Cecilia Academy, CRM and Accademia Nazionale Della Danza in Rome, Italy. The choreography is a solo and it has been danced at Tecnopolo in Rome by an Accademia Nazionale Della Danza dancer with live music from a Santa Cecilia Academy musician.

A passage to Burma inspires the choreographer, who experiments the meaning and connection between spirituality and rite throughout movement.
The atmosphere and the imagery of the piece are conditioned by those faraway places, by the life-style of its people and by the vision of an almost uncontaminated land, compared to the western society of the spectacle. The encounters with the Buddhist monks and the martial arts students, the study of their practise and ceremonies are the foundation of the choreography. The piece begins with the dancer standing on the stage, whose surface is totally covered by flour and topsoils, creating a mandala with concentric patterns that recall sacred geometries. When the bell start to play the dancer begins his dance, as the monks after the sound of the bell make their rites, accompanied by the Francesco Ziello original music. While breaking free, the dance finds its dynamics between lightness, power and simplicity, breaking the patterns on the ground.