ideation, choreography and dance Stellario Di Blasi
lights Danila Blasi
original music Marco Accardi – Giorgio Amodeo
production PinDoc
coproduction Tersicorea
with the contribution of Mibac, Regione Sicilia

Supported by: Permutazioni, un coworking coreografico a cura di Casa Luft, Zerogrammi, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo in collaborazione con Festival Palcoscenico Danza e Università degli Studi

Artistic residence: CSC Centro per la Scena Contemporanea, Kilowatt Festival, Scenario Pubblico / Farm, Sosta Palmizi, CLAPS Spettacolo Dal Vivo, Casa Luft Permutazioni

Show selected for: DNA Appunti Coreografici 2016 – Romaeuropa Festival, Cortoindanza Festival 2017, Shake Shake Shake #4 Ballet Du Nord 2017

Mari Nun Ci N’é Cchiú

“Alone, I am the last drop of a lost sea that ca not be found. There is no water or fish , no winds, no dips, no ships, no monsters : everything here suffers the echo of abandonment. I am strangled by my very essence and locked in a bathtub as a protected species and laboratory guinea pig”.

First project of a trilogy on the reading of the myths and natural elements of the Strait of Messina. The work is conceived as a visionary provocation, as a presage slowly overwhelmed by the outcome of unhealthy human actions in a hypothetical future relationship with the contradiction of progress. The universe of Cariddi is understood as an imaginative evocation and the gestural memory of everything that the sea can preserve within it: from the beings who inhabit it to its natural, incontinable and poetic being, with its fragrances, its history. It deals with a landscape of fragmented soul and lost values, space and time swallowed in a sick, drained, crumbling and fervid bitterness. This fragile protest for a lush tomorrow emerges into nothingness: it is in the construction of the absence, in this chromatic and narrative absence, that the performance hollows into balance between reality and utopia, memory and overwhelm.