Due Uomini Sfiniti

photos Silvia Lorillo - Maria Cristina Valeri


choreography Valerio De Vita
dance Valerio De Vita, Emiliano Perazzini, Francesca Schipani
music Huron, Olafur Arnalds e Max Richter
production PinDoc
co-production Rosa Shocking / Festival Tendance 2018 
with contribution of MIBAC e Regione Siciliana

To love is to suffer.
If you do not want to suffer, you must not love.
But then you suffer not to love.
Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer.
To be happy is to love: then to be happy is to suffer.
But suffering makes us unhappy.
Therefore to be unhappy one must love.
Or love and suffer.
Or suffer from too much happiness.
I hope you take notes.

(Woody Allen)

When two people meet, there is an alchemy of contradictions and complicity that leads to an inner upheaval. The human being is born to live and let live its emotions, its instincts, through direct and indirect contact with something or someone. The gestures complete the relational connections between two bodies wanting to live symbiotically an instant and their movements make its history, creating the frame of a colorful chiaroscuro scene that is constantly evolving and defining. This allows us to change our expectations, it is impossible to know how situations can evolve. Behavioral management is filtered by spontaneity and naturalness and by a pinch of improvisation.
Duratiion 20 minutes