photos Giovanni Bocchieri 


choreography Valerio De Vita
original music Massimiliano Cerioni
dancers Valerio De Vita, Emiliano Perazzini
production 2014 PinDoc
with the support of Mibac and Sicily Region
coproduction CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali, creati per ArteScienza 2014 “Segno Infinito”

Winner of 2nd Prize International choreography contest "Premio RomaDanza 2015" XIV ed.

Today as well.

I feel him, he is here, He sees me.

He does my same job, occupies the space that I create, sometimes he follows me, sometimes disappears.

Moving in this same room he draws shapes, they are mixed with mine, making them unrecognisable.

He's different, he's an interference, and our lives are irreconcilable.

Yet we are so similar.