PinDoc born in 2018 by the union of Excursus and Fc@pin.d'oc, two well-known productions of contemporary dance; both productions concern coreographers, young choreographic talents, two specific dance-companies, independent artists and performer with a common sensitivity and vision. PinDoc is synonymous of crossover between artistic paths, collaborations, and companies and is represented in an exemplary way through the team that wanted the union: Giovanna Velardi and Ricky Bonavita for the artistic direction and Danila Blasi and Theodor Rawyler for the general direction.
Since the end of 2019, due to the untimely death of Theodor Rawyler, the general direction is hired by Danila Blasi, with the support of Giordano Novielli as manager.
Collaborations started with the project OfficinaCoreografica, supported by MIBAC and Regione Lazio, dedicated entirely to dance made by creative residences, support to new productions, workshops, research and meetings that has triggered a deep reflection on the reality of professional dance in Lazio and involved a large number of companies, choreographers, dancers, teachers, operators and scholars, all belonging to CORE Coordination of dance and performing arts of Lazio. This experience together with other shared projects has facilitated the alignment of the two productions in recent years.
Among the strong points of PinDoc we emphasize the wide range of shows and the plurality of languages related to contemporary creation that allow us to give life to strong and various dance production, which can support a triennial course of all the associated choreographers, from an organizational, administrative, logistic and communication point of view in their individual artistic paths, all closely related to contemporary dance, even in their stylistic differences, with signs ranging from a language more closely linked to the codes of contemporary dance techniques, to codes of dance theater, from p research tout court, to projects that arise in the sphere of community dance. The presence of choreographers belonging to different generations also allows a passage of professional knowledge directly linked to the production practices, supervision and promotion of the emerging talents born in the daily dialogue which is put into practice with pride by the direction of PinDoc.