Sabrina Vicari / Federica Aloisio

photos Francesco Falciola

Vicari/Aloisio is an independent and self-produced project based in Palermo. Born from the encounter between the dancers Sabrina Vicari and Federica Aloisio, each of which has a different educational background and artistic path in the field of contemporary dance, theater and performing arts. Sabrina Vicari, after having trained in Italy, moved abroad where she worked for several years with the Center Chorégraphique National de Nantes directed by Claude Brumachon and Benjamin Lamarche, later returning to Italy and collaborating today with the director Emma Dante. Federica Aloisio attends the MoDem of the Compagnia Zappalà Danza directed by Roberto Zappalà, works for Emma Dante in various productions of opera and in the show Io, Nessuno and Polifemo. She works as assistant for a project by Virgilio Sieni in Palermo. Today she dances for the Company Giovanna Velardi and for Muxarte directed by Giuseppe Muscarello and from 2018 she supports the organization of ConFormazioni. Festival. The company is complete with Angelo Sicurella who is in charge of the sound and musical composition and with Gabriele Gugliara who is in charge of the the light-design. Eoika is the company's first project and wins the 2017 edition of Strabismi. In September 2019, the company is selected by Officine Caos Turin as an artistic resident for the new project Anapoda.

Management - Danila Blasi