Benedetta Capanna

photos Daniela De Angelis

Benedetta Capanna is a dancer and choreographer from Rome. she draws energy and inspiration from her Mediterranean and Baltic roots and from over twenty years of Yoga studies. She has been an active as choreographer and a freelancer performer since 1998, alternating stays between Rome and New York. From 2009 as an associated choreographer of CORE (Coordinamento Regionale della Danza e della Arti performative del Lazio) she has received grants and residencies to work on her choreographic projects through Excursus Onlus, now PinDoc. She has always led to interdisciplinary work collaborating with different realities: Potlach Theater of Fara Sabina, the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Diana Theater of Naples, Kairos Italy Theater and Vertical Player Recital of New York and worked with musicians and composers. She collaborates with Mauro Raponi to direct the videos of various productions, including her last solo Saknes dedicated to her grandmother Mirdza Kalnins, who was the principal dancer at the Riga Opera and in Rome. She is co-author with Richard Sphuntoff and interpreter of the film Epiphany of returning, guested in many international exhibitions. As a dancer since 1993, she has danced with several artistic groups on international tours. She won the 1991 International Positano Dance Competition and the American Guild of Musical Artist recognized her extraordinary skill in the Arts as a Dancer.

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