Alessandra Cristiani

Alessandra Cristiani, performer and dancer influenced by the Odin Theater, gets to dance through a personal exploration of the actor's physical training. She receives the Excelsior Prize as best actress for the short film La foto, directed by Sara Masi, 1997. From 1996 she investigates the practice of Ankoku Buto. She graduates with the experimental thesis on Masaki Iwana and the tradition of White Buto. She creates and directs with the company Lios, and works at the International Buto Dance Festival Trasform'azioni (2001-2011). With the project: Physics of the soul. Francesca Stern Woodman wins Scenari Indipendenti 2008. In 2009 she works at Eliogabalo Project, choreographic residence with the dancer Akira Kasai supported by the Paji Europe Japan Foundation. For two-years (2011-13) she is the choreographer of Rome Philharmonic Academy inserting performances in the International Dance Festival, 2013 edition. In 2015 she is in Japan as guest student of the Tenshikan research center of the dancer Akira Kasai. She works as lecturer at the University of Roma Tre for 2016-2019, investigating the perfomative techniques of Ankoku buto and the Steinerian Eurhythm. She works permanently in the company Habillé d'eau directed by Silvia Rampelli, presenting their works in Italy, Poland, Bosnia, France, United States. The last production of the company: Euforia, wins the Ubu Award 2018 as the best dance show.

Nomination Ubu Prize 2018 as best actress /performer for the shows Clorofilla e Euforia.