Theodor Rawyler

Theodor Rawyler In charge of PinDoc’s general management and artistic director of TenDance festival. Born
in Switzerland, moved to Italy in 1982. In 1994 he founded Company Excursus together with Ricky Bonavita. He graduated in History of Dance (DAMS / Roma TRE) and in 2018 he taught Community Dance at the Master of  Social Theatre at University La Sapienza of Rome. The interest in dance as a shared, inclusive and open practice for everyone accompanies his career from the beginning. Through laboratory activities in social and clinical contexts he starts his research beyond the traditional aesthetic and technical canons of dance arriving at a "possible dance" for each context, where the physical potential (sometimes residual) and listening to the participants' stories and experiences become the essential  elements of a shared dance, sometimes open to the participatory gaze of an audience. His research constantly challenges the limits of performativity, while maintaining as an ideal point of reference the tradition and the certain rules of theatrical practice: the division of roles into director and actor, times in rehearsal and performance, spaces in stage and audience.