Agar - Paola Bianchi

photos Paolo Pollo Rodighiero - Roberta Perrone

Paola bianchi is an independent choreographer and dancer, artistic director of Association Agar (founded in 1994). Her research on the expressiveness and the communicative power of the choreographic action brought her to several collaborations with musicians, visual artists, videoartists, authors, film and theatre directors, theatre companies. With her works Paola participates in many international contemporary dance and theatre festivals. Paola is also a video artist. Her video works have been presented in many international video art festivals. In order to spread contemporary dance in Italy, Paola has been artistic director of some festivals, has led numerous workshops and founded collective [collettivo] c_a_p in 2009.

Periodically she teaches history of modern and contemporary dance at some Italian universities. In 2014 her book “Corpo Politico _ distopia del gesto, utopia del movimento” was published by Editoria & Spettacolo (curators: Silvia Bottiroli and Silvia Parlagreco).