Paola Bianchi - Agar

photos Valentina Bianchi - Margherita Masè - Valentina Bianchi - Davide Colagiacomo

Paola Bianchi, choreographer and dancer, has been active on the contemporary dance scene since the late eighties. With her performances Paola participates in many international contemporary dance and theatre festivals. She is also a video artist; her video works have been presented in many international video art festivals. She leads choreographic research workshops and lectures at some Italian universities.
In 2014 her book Corpo Politico _ distopia del gesto, utopia del movimento, was published by Editoria & Spettacolo (curators: Silvia Bottiroli and Silvia Parlagreco). She has written numerous short essays on the subject of the body and dance, published in several books and magazines.
In 2020 Paola Bianchi wins the Rete Critica 9 and ¾ Award with the ELP project.
In 2020 Clemente Tafuri and David Beronio (Teatro Akropolis) produced La parte maledetta. Viaggio ai confini del teatro. Paola Bianchi, a film project about the choreographer's artistic career in the form of an interview.