Ricky Bonavita - Compagnia Excursus

Ricky Bonavita is part of the artistic direction of PinDoc and TenDance Festival, professor of contemporary dance technique at the National Academy of Dance of Rome. Active as a choreographer from the eighties, he founded Company Excursus with Theodor Rawyler in 1994, supported first by Switzerland and then by MIBAC since 2000; he works also for international productions and tours in Europe, Panama and Kazakhstan. In his choreographic and aesthetic research, creation of dreamlike environments governed by dynamic bodies and abstract lines coexists with the need to explore interpersonal relationships.
The relationship between movement and sound is a supporting element of his works, often created on original music by contemporary authors such as Michelangelo Lupone. He takes care of the choreography for theater directors including Daniele Salvo or Maurizio Scaparro  in the last staging of Memorie di Adriano with Giorgio Albertazzi, and for RAI1 Eurovision for the choreography of Andrea Bocelli's concert  from the Colosseum in Rome. Several choreographic prizes: 1st The Young Ballet of the World competition 2010 in Sochi/Russia, 3rd Serge Lifar International Ballet Competition 2004 in Kiev/Ukraine, the Fausto Maria Franchi/Prize Rome 2010, 1st Dance Singles 1988 of Spaziozero Theater, Rome.

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