Dies festi

photos Matteo Abati


choreography Ricky Bonavita
musics Lalo Eduoard, Holmes David, Parker Andrea, e.a.
light design Danila Blasi
costumes Daniele Amenta e Yari Molinari
dancers Enrica Felici, Francesca Schipani,Valerio De Vita, Yari Molinari, Emiliano Perazzini, Ricky Bonavita
production PinDoc 2013
with contribution of MiC, Sicily Region

On a feast day the everyday patterns get transcended, allowing us to enter into a different space, time-limited, where we can approach relations and rules from a different angle.
A ritual of initiation, suspended and rarefied, five dancers projected in an abstract world, ruled by a geometrical disorder. A mysterious masked figure dominates the scene with its presence-absence. He is the "moderator", alternating lyrical and dramatic, playful and ironic moments, challenging the others and himself, and eventually causing the end.
In this production, a choreographer investigates the possibilities of constructing and deconstructing his own choreographic language, deepening even further his work on the performers in order to expand their register, within a process of subtle subversion and reversal of each structure.