Artistic director

Giovanna Velardi

team velardi

Giovanna Velardi is artistic director of the Company Giovanna Velardi and artistic co-director of PinDoc, an association financed by Mibact and Regione Sicily, that supports the her choreographic work.With her art direction, Giovanna Velardi develops projects related to dance in Italy

and in Europe

and beyond the choreographic creation, she realizes projects dedicated to the diffusion and promotion of dance and works as dance teacher.
Giovanna Velardi during her activities in Italy and abroad has received the support of the Ministry of Heritage and cultural activities and tourism, the region Sicillia, the Paca Region, Ville de Marseille, Department 13 des Bouches du Rhone, Ballet National de Marseille, Marseille Objectif Danse, National choreographic Centre of Orleans (CCNO Josef Nadj), Point Ephemere (Paris), Stage Dance Center in Palermo, Rialto Sant'Ambrogio (Rome), Chapel Orsini (Rome), Officine Ouragan Palermo, the Italian culture Institute in Marseille, Centre Culturel Français in Palermo, Centre Culturel Français in Rome, Lazio Core, Duncan 3.0, the Turin platform, Center dance Theatre in Palermo, New Montevergini in Palermo, Armunia Castiglioncello Festival, KLAP Marseille.

Ricky Bonavita

team bonavita

Lecturer of modern and contemporary dance technique at the Accademia Nazionale Danza in Rome, guest teacher of European universities as Norges Dansehøyskole, Oslo; University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, Estonia; Konzervatoř Duncan centre, Praha.

From 2018 he shares with Giovanna Velardi

the artistic direction of PinDoc producing the work of twelve Italian companies and choreographers with the support of MIBACT and Regione Sicilia.
During an intense artistic and professional career as choreographer and dancer since the 80s he has been on stage in more than 800 shows in Italy and abroad. In 1994 he founds with Theodor Rawyler the Compagnia Excursus, supported by MIBACT. For the company he creates more than 30 productions making an own choreographic and aesthetic research, where he merges the love for dreamlike environments governed by dynamic bodies and abstract lines with the need to tell stories and to explore interpersonal relationships.
As guest choreographer he has collaborated with Fundación Opera Panamá, International World Stars of Ballet Art in Kazakhstan, La Compagnia dell'AND in Rome, Akarwerkstatt in Switzerland, as part of theatrical productions for "Memorie di Adriano" by Maurizio Scaparro with Giorgio Albertazzi, for "Il funambolo" by Daniele Salvo for Napoli Teatro Festival; in television for RAI1 Eurovision live "L'alba separa dalla luce l'ombra", Concert by Andrea Boccelli from the Colosseum, Rome.
Choreography awards: 1st prize at the The Young Ballet of the World competition 2010, in Sochi, Russia, chaired by M° Yuri Grigorovich, 3rd prize at Serge Lifar International Ballet Competition 2004 in Kiev, Ukraine, Fausto Maria Franchi Award at Premio Roma 2010, 1st prize "Singolari di danza 1988" of Spaziozero Theater in Rome.
Bonavita shares the artistic directon of Festival TenDance with Theodor Rawyler, the festival is organized by Rosa Shocking and supported by MIBAC and Regione Lazio.

General manager

Danila Blasi

team blasi

Danila Blasi works as organizer at Teatro Spazio Uno (season 93-94) and for logistics at Volterrateatro festival in '99, '00 and '01. In 2002’s edition, she is the coordinator of Volterrateatro festival. In 2003 she founds 369gradi cultural association of which she is vice president.

In the association she mainly deals

with dance projects. The association changes its name in 2015 and turns in Rosa Shocking. Since 2012, the association receives funding from MIBACT for the contemporary dance festival Tendance, of which Danila Blasi is the managing director.
From 2014 Tendance festival is also financed by Regione Lazio.
In 2007 she is one of the founding members of CORE - Coordination of dance and performing arts of Regione Lazio, of which she is president until the dissolution. With CORE, among other things, she is the managing director of three editions of "Attacchi di Core - Contemporary dance in the County of Rome” (project supported by the County of Rome) and three editions of Officina Coreografica (supported by Regione Lazio and from MIBACT).
Since 2007 she is the managing director of the association FC@PIN.D'OC, that produces the choreographers: Giovanna Velardi (who is the artistic director), Fabio Ciccalè, Giuseppe Muscarello, Stellario Di Blasi and Paola Bianchi, financed by MIBACT and Regione Sicilia.
In 2018 the association FC@PIN.D'OC, changes its name to PinDoc and joins the association Excursus. In the new structure she shares the general management with Theodor Rawyler and they produce and promote more than ten companies and individual artists of the Italian contemporary dance scene. From 2017 she is the managing director of Conformazioni Festival in Palermo, with the artistic direction of Giuseppe Muscarello.
Since 2010 she is vice president of Aidap, the production division of Federdanza – Agis. In 2012 she becomes president of Aidap, the production division of Federdanza – Agis. From 2017 she is a member of the Consulta dello Spettacolo dal Vivo at MIBACT. In the seasons 95-96 and 96-97 she works as technical director at Spazio Zero Theater. In 99-00 she is the technical director of Petralata Center.
At the same time she works as light designer for theatre companies, dance theater, contemporary dance and bands, including: Compagnia SpazioZero, Oretta Bizzarri, Compagnia Atacama, Lynn Swanson, Compagnia Il Mutamento, Epsilon Indi, Giovanna Agostini, Sara Simeoni, Arti Illesi, Fabio Ciccalè, Fernando Battista, Patrizia Picano, MDA, Compagnia Excursus, Battello Ebro, Esse P. A., Euroballetto, Scenaverticale, Attori e tecnici, Barbara Abate Russo, I Guardiani dell’oca, Gaetano Ventriglia, Almatanz, O’thiasos, Danzaricerca, Les Dormeurs Téméraires, SAT – Compagnia Caputo-Senica, Centro Drammaturgia Europea, Giovanna Velardi, Rossana Damiani, Sanlò, Gruppo Mandala, Ricci/Forte, Francesca Beatrice Vista, Giuseppe Muscarello, Benedetta Capanna, Cadavre exquis, Stellario Di Blasi.

Theodor Rawyler

team rawyler

Born in Switzerland, he moved to Italy in 1982. In 1994 he founded with the choreographer Ricky Bonavita Compagnia Excursus. In 2007 he obtained the master's degree in History of dance from Università degli Studi Roma TRE in 2018 he teaches community dance at the Master Teatro in Sociale

of Sapienza University of Roma. After a long career as

a dancer he is currently involved in the production and dissemination of professional contemporary dance works. He is general manager of PinDoc together with Danila Blasi and shares the artistic direction of Festival TenDance with Ricky Bonavita. Both PinDoc and TenDance are supported by MIBACT and respectively by Regione Sicily and by Regione Lazio. In his work he supports a broad and inclusive vision of dance with particular attention to the new generations, both as regards the professional career of emerging artists, and strategies of audience development.
He is also recognized as one of the leading Italian experts for community dance, for projects realized since 2002 he has networked the national health service, universities and social cooperatives with theaters, exhibitions, festivals and dance companies.

Giordano Novielli

team novielli


Collaborates since 2010 as production assistant for Compagnia Excursus, for Coordinamento Regionale Danza Contemporanea Lazio e for Tendance Festival(2012- 2016).

As dancer, studied professionally in Amsterdam

at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Theaterschool, where he completed the degree in Moderne TheaterDans in 2004. Already during the academy he is chosen by Arthur Rosenfeld, ex dancer of the company of Pina Bausch in the 80’s, to dance for his company “Dansgroep de Meekers”, Rotterdam. He dances also in co-productions with the Hans Hof Ensemble, another significant Dutch company, and in projects by Ninke Reehorst and Fabian Galama (from “Ultima Vez”), and in cooperation with the Danish director Leela May Stokholm.
n Italy he dances in projects of Mario Piazza, with Balletto ’90, where he cooperates with Benedetta Capanna, and with the company Arsmovendi by Andrea Cagnetti. At the Opera Theatre of Rome he works with directors such as Zeffirelli, Pieralli, Kokkos under the directions of the choreographers Amedeo Amodio, Simona Chiesa, Marco Berriel among others. Since 2010 he’s one of the main performers of the integrated company Superdiverso, directed by Luciana Lusso Roveto. In 2013 he took part in the international project “Destroy//” by Dance Elixir (USA/PA). After gaining in 2009 a Master Post.Lauream in Art Therapy at the Univeristy Roma 3, he leads dance therapy laboratories and Community dance He studied as a Yoga teacher in Netherlands and Rome, gaining a Teaching Diploma at the Universal Yoga Institute in Rome.
His workshops have been realized in different projects financed by government institutions, as Attacchi di Core from Provincia di Roma, Officina Coreografica from Regione Lazio, Officine Culturali and Festival Tendance from the Minister for the Cultural Heritage. Since 2012 he leads courses of Physical Expression and Dancetheatre in the center for theatre education and production “Latitudine Teatro”, Latina, where in 2014 he directs “Non Cercarmi” and in 2015 “P.Grafia” His choreographic works, supported by Compagnia Excursus with the contribution of the Minister for the Cultural Heritage, appeared in different festivals, as site specific projects in the territory of Pontecorvo (in cooperation with ATCL), Officina Coreografica 2013, E-Novaction, Che Danza Vuoi and in the theatre season of Tor Bella Monaca Theatre.
His work “Forgotten” has been invited to the Solo’s Night at the cultural centre OT301 in Amsterdam and for the Pillole MIlan Festival in 2017. In 2014 he is co-founder of the collective “Cadavre Exquis”; the three productions of the group (“Never Look for Me”, Stupor” and “Bared”) has been invited in several festivals, like Tendance 2014, Oltre la Linea 2015, Perpaspera Drammaturgie Possibili 2015 and 2016, Passages/Dejà Donné 2016, Artescienza 2017 and for the 2015 dance season of OT301 in Amsterdam. In 2015 becomes one of the resident of the MA program of the National Dance Academy in Rome, specializing in contemporary dance teaching methodologies, completed Cum Laude in 2017. As performer he appeared in several international festivals, as Nederlandse Dansdagen, Berner Tanztage, Marrakesh International Theatre Festival.

Letizia Coppotelli

team coppetelli

Administrative and accounting management

Letizia Coppotelli was born in Rome in October 1980. She graduated in 2010 in Political Science and International Relations at the Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis in economic statistics.

From 2012 to 2013 she worked at

Duncan 3.0 performing arts center, dealing with administrative and accounting management.
From 2014 to date she collaborates with various dance companies, theaters and festivals dealing with accounting and administrative management and specializing in the management of Ministries and Regional Reports.
Among her collaborations there are Compagnia Excursus, Compagnia Atacama, Compagnia PinDoc, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Festival TenDance / Rosa Shocking, La Scatola dell'Arte (choreographic center), Tor Bella Monaca Theater.

Benedetta Boggio

team boggio

Plans cultural services and creates communication strategies

She is one of the founders of 369gradi, society of production of performing art and theatre that works for the national and international promotion of artists and companies and she is president of Rosa Shocking,

an Association involved

in contemporary dance that organizes Tendance, a contemporary dance festival in the province of Latina, since 2012. Since 15 years she is involved in production, management, communication for theatre and dance.
She also works as press office for festival, shows, theatre’s season and she is responsible for communication for Pindoc, a cultural association that groups together several choreographers. She collaborates with Angelo Mai, a production and creation center in the city of Rome and has been teaching at the IED Rome international arts and management master for two years, on communication and press office.