Ilenia Romano

photos Antonio Ficai

Dancer, author, trainer. She graduated from the National Dance Academy in Rome with full marks and honors. Her training extends from classical technique to the languages of contemporary dance to internal martial arts. At her debut as an interpreter in La Compagnia dell'AND she personally confronts: Pina Bausch, Cristiana Morganti, Jacopo Godani, Wayne McGregor, Ismael Ivo, Robyn Orlin. She then dances for Les gens d'Uterpan, Micha Van Hoecke, DEOS Giovanni Di Cicco, Compagnia Zappalà Danza (dancer and assistant). For several years now she has collaborated with ALDES Roberto Castello and with the Adriana Borriello Company as dancer and assistant. She is also dedicated to the transmission of movement practices aimed at professional dancers, actors, amateurs, children. From 2015 to 2019 she has been associated artist with Scenario Pubblico / CZD National Choreographic Center. The collaboration with different musicians (Alfio Antico, Puccio Castrogiovanni, Claudio Riggio, Giancarlo Bianchetti) leads her to the creation of choreographies and improvisation performances with live music. Since 2019 she is one of the Italian choreographers selected for the international project Crossing the sea. She is therefore guest choreographer in 2019 of the Dance On - international Dance Exchange under the Hong Kong Arts Festival @ Cattle Depot Creative Hub in collaboration with Crossing the sea (Italy), and in August 2022 she is guest choreographer of the Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival in collaboration with Crossing the sea: both occasions in which she holds choreographic workshops for professional (and non) local dancers. In 2020 / '21 / '22 she works on the stage movements of "Baccanti" directed by Laura Sicignano, produced by the Teatro Stabile of Catania. In 2022 / '23 she makes the choreography of “Kakuma”, directed by Laura Sicignano, produced by the National Theater of Genoa. In 2022 she is a teacher of contemporary technique in the courses of Da.Re. and in the preparatory courses of the National Academy of Dance of Rome. Since 2022 she is supported in her artistic activity by IterCulture. Since 2023 she is associated choreographer of PinDoc.