Stefano Fardelli

photos Reuven Halevi

Stefano Fardelli is a dancer and choreographer from Genoa, artistic director of the international network EurAsia Dance Project International Network with 15 EurAsia Partners in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and America. Awarded as a soloist and choreographer at various festivals and contests in Europe and Asia, his collaborations include the Berlin Opera, BBC in London, The Place in London, Finnish Royal Opera, Les Gens D´Uterpan in Paris, English National Opera of London, Cie Twain of Rome and others. His productions, which are part of Stefano Fardelli Dance Projects or EurAsia Repertory, are on tour around the globe every year. In Europe his artistic projects are produced by PinDoc and DanceHaus, both supported by the Italian ministry of culture. In the rest of the world he is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute and the Italian Embassy. He teaches contemporary dance techniques for dance academies, festivals, theaters, professional centers and international companies. He worked as an actor for Hollywood and also for the European film industry. Main character of short films, host for international TV programs and video clips in the United States and Europe. In 2011 he was selected by the italian government among the young talents to represent Italy in the world.

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