Silvia Oteri

Silvia Oteri, born in 1988, began her career working with the choreographer Stellario Di Blasi and attending Modem, the Company Zappalà Danza, programme directed by Roberto Zappalà. It is 2015 that marks a turning point, in June dancing Petra by the choreographer Davide Sportelli during the I ARTS festival. In October of the same year she worked with the choreographer Giovanna Velardi for the show Histoire du soldat. In December 2015 she meets the american Elia Mbrak and the mexican Nancy Lopez Luna Cano, dancing with them in the show Walkabout for the project in residence ACASA - Welcoming 15/16. In June 2016 she dances in the Antologie project by Roberto Zappalà. In 2017 she collaborates with the choreographer Manfredi Perego, after dancing in Primitiva Second Chapter at Scenario Pubblico (Catania) and at the National Foundation of the Aterballetto Dance. In 2018/2019 she dances in Geographies of the instant. Today she dances for Company Giovanna Velardi in Flexing Heart and collaborates on the new choreographer's show which will debut in Rome in December 2019. Supported as a choreographer by PinDoc and Scenario Pubblico, national dance production center.