photos Cristiano Castaldi - Stefano Imperato


concept and choreography Ricky Bonavita
direction Ricky Bonavita e Ugo Bentivegna
texts Ugo Bentivegna
music Brahms, Debussy, Rachmaninov, Saint-Saëns, Schubert
light design Danila Blasi
video-scenery Francesca Corso
costumes Daniele Amenta, Yari Molinari
dance Enrica Felici, Francesca Schipani, Yari Molinari, Emiliano Perazzini, Ricky Bonavita, Ugo Bentivegna
production PinDoc 2017
with contribution ofi Mibac e Regione Siciliana

dance - music - poetry – vision

"Pulsazioni" is a creation inspired by a selection of some of the most beautiful musical compositions of the "classical repertoire" between the nineteenth and the twentieth century, which are part of the collective imagination of Western cultured music, and by a series of poetic texts by equally classic authors such as Rabindranath Tagore, Khalil Gibran, Leonard Cohen, Jacques Prévert and Luis Sepúlveda..

In this performance without a real narrative the common feature binding dance, music, poetry and immages is the emotional and dreamlike journey made by a character, inspired by Sergey Rachmaninov and interpreted on stage by actor Ugo Bentivegna and choreographer Ricky Bonavita at the same time in a specular way. A lonely protagonist diving into the harmonic space of the dance, into the succession of solos, trios, quartets and duets, in order to achieve a path of poetic knowledge following the immaterial trails of movements and connexions left in the air by pulsations of souls.

In this production the choreographer is reinterpreting through dance some of the literary and musical works that belongs to the Western aesthetic and cultural heritage, searching for a personal point of balance between classicism and modernity, remaining suspended between continuity and deconstruction, and emphasizing by the elusiveness of movement the evident fragility of our cultural heritage, but also its extraordinary evocative power.