Corpus Delicti


concept Alessandra Cristiani
performance Alessandra Cristiani
music Gianluca Misiti
light design Gianni Staropoli
production PinDoc
co-produced by Teatro Akropolis
in collaboration with Lios
with the support of MiC, Regione Siciliana

Corpus delicti
Starting from Egon Schiele

These corpus sketches are a prelude to something actual, they are the appearance of a material echo of the presence, silent or mute. At the sight, the impression is immediate and alive, the idea of something pressed on the front that evokes archaic seals and sometimes a wide and calm back that floods the person. Bodies placed in a forever or suspended in a spasm or held back by the glimmer of an intuition, never disarmed. Bodies made tight, large, in a place of the immeasurable self. Bodies as iron appearances in the flesh and in the spirit, declared in a state of before, after, meanwhile. It is necessary to blow up the golden proportion and let something shameless happens. The body: spiritual matter, enigma, endless enormity. Being contained and at the same time ousted. Inhabiting the mysterious impulses of the body because we no longer recognize its Cartesian axes,  or staying in a dignified, banal, sacred, profane force of being only the body, the emanation of bodies. These are the times to reformulate their meaning, to access errors, to exorcise the human being as it is. I look for a "dislocation" that brings another feeling, feed the utopia of a new body language.


The body and the art of E. Schiele, F. Bacon, A. Rodin

Project of performative dance

The body is a refuge that scares us.
An obscure mother, beyond the law.
Crazy and visceral womb.
In the fragility of the soul that dwells there,
spiritual clothes are set up,
abandoned and elegant ones to be dressed.
Eternal matter is the body, its art, its home.
To Find the nerve.
Being weak, exposed, daring.

Trilogy wants to investigate the value of corporeality in the contemporary era and the incidence of the carnal body in the performing arts. It takes inspiration from the art of three great personalities, irreducible authors who have challenged and revolutionized the iconographic sign by following intimate and personal needs and desires, in order to probe the mysterious mixture of human nature.

Corpus Delicti is the first stage of Trilogy