Bernabéu / Covello

Bernabéu / Covello: « We come from different horizons. Lorenzo’sWe come from different horizons. Lorenzo’sartistic education began with circusand oriented itself towards a theatricalapproach of the stage: words, physicaltheater, laughters, looks, suspensions.Instead, Zoé followed a contemporarydance education and grew up as anartist through movement, gesture, breathing.We both recognize ourselves in the importancethat we give to a physicality thatis always at the service of a meaning, aquestion, a message, an urgency.When we first we met in 2016, we discoveredquickly that we had a commonartistic vision and a desire to create somethingtogether appeared immediately.Un po’ di più is our first collaboration.We have put our individual meansof expression at the disposal of a commonpurpose. Thus, we began a researchprocess, looking for a hybrid languagethat enables a full contaminationbetween the disciplines.We dived into a creative space in whichwords, movements, singing and gesturescan communicate, intertwine, respondto each other. This represents animportant challenge, as performers butalso as directors and choreographers. Itpushes us to take none of our respectivevocabularies for granted, and therefore,to investigate their strengths and limits.Our artistic understanding is also expressedin our relationship with the audience.We aspire to an accessible formof representation, that can be understood,lived and enjoyed by a diversified audience.We believe in the possibility ofsharing contemporary theater and dancewith a heterogeneous audience, fromexperts to neophytes. We want to triggeran emotional involvement, move themand move ourselves back, always preservingthe needs and specificities ofour practices. In our creative process,through writing and improvisation, wealways remain in tension towards thissubtle balance between complexity andsimplicity. ».

Zoé Bérnabéu

Zoé studied contemporary dance atZoé studied contemporary dance atthe National Conservatory of Paris from2011 to 2015. During her training, shemet choreographers such as Cécile Loyer,Cristiana Morganti (Pina Bausch),Ambra Senatore, Mathilde Monnier, SabineRicou, Martha Moore, DominiqueBrun and Agathe Pfauwadel (Odile Duboc).In 2013, she studied for four months atthe National Dance Academy of Athens(KSOT), through an exchange with theParis Conservatory.She also participated in numerous workshopsin Europe that enabled her toenrich her language and grow as a performer:Agostina d’Alessandro, JudithSanchez Ruiz, Luke Jessop, Fabian Wixe,Marina Mascarell, Marie Gyselbrecht,Peter Jasko, Rootlessroot, Sam Coren,Tomislav English, Konstantina Efthimiadou,Jos Baker, Iris Heitzinger, Guy Nader,Olga Alvarez, La Macana, GabrielSchenker, Samantha Van Wissen, ThomasHauert, Sarah Ludi, David Zambrano,Liz Kinoshita, Adrienn Hód, JohannesWieland.She started working as a dancer in 2016for the creation of Extraterrestrial Events,by Philip Connaughton, a piece whichpremiered at the Dublin Dance Festivalin May 2017.In July 2017, as a full-time dancer, shejoined Corpus, a contemporary dancecompany based at the Royal DanishTheater in Copenhagen and directedby Tim Matiakis. There, she collaboratedwith the choreographers MartinForsberg (for the piece Prefecture), IoannisMandafounis (For It finishes when itfinishes), Bobbi Jene, Sebastian Mattias,Mattias Sunneson, Christian Falsnaes,Jefta van Dinther, Andrea Tallis.In October 2018 she participated in thecreation of the two operas: the HappyHand (Schönberg) and the Bluebeard’sCastle (Bartok) directed by Ricci/Forteat the Teatro Massimo in Palermo.

Lorenzo Covello